20-80 Word Scouting Reports, MLB Draft 2017 Part 5

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Now the fifth upload in a series of ??? uploads of scouting reports on players for the upcoming 2017 MLB Draft. Again, observations are a mix of my own and various scouting services:

Brendan McKay – LHP/1B/OF
6’2, 212
B/T: L/L
Draft age: 21.5
Junior at Louisville
Last drafted: 2014, 34th (San Diego)

A top ten pick in the draft for his pitching or his hitting. The question of course becomes: which? Scouts are more or less evenly split, as they see both a mid rotation starter and a high average/decent power first baseman. The other thing is, he’s not the best pitching prospect in the draft, and may not be the best hitting prospect either. The hope is that concentrating on one will change that calculus. But which one?

Sam Carlson – RHP
6’4, 208
B/T: R/R
Draft age: 18.6
Burnsville HS, MN
Commitment: Florida

Looks the part of a big leaguer already – tall, physical, almost menacing look on the mound. Menacing stuff to match. Has ticked up to 93-96 on a fastball with sink and command. Unlike many high schoolers, has a plus changeup presently. Sharp slider that projects as plus. Hides the ball well with low arm slot and slight crossfire at end of delivery. Delivery is very physical, but so is Carlson. His arm is low mileage, which is added bonus.

Jake Burger – 3B
6’2, 220
B/T: R/R
Draft age: 21.2
Junior at Missouri State
Last drafted: Never

Due to issues with lateral agility, probably moves to first as a pro, which puts onus on offense that much more. Moving off of third is not a consensus, though. Good news is, there’s lots of offense in there. Great bat speed, barrel control, and brute strength make swing work despite an arm bar in his swing load. Very quiet and patient at the plate. Athletic, though will have to keep on top of conditioning.

Tanner Houck – RHP
6’5, 215
B/T: R/R
Draft age: 20.11
Junior at Missouri
Last drafted: 2014, 12th (Toronto)

Wonky delivery. Huge arm wrap into an equally huge crossbody delivery from a low arm slot, and this from a 6’5 lanky dude. All of this action puts phenomenal run/sink on his fastball, which sits anywhere from 90 to 95. Said wonkiness also portends to command issues at times. Unfortunately, slider lags behind and changeup lags way behind. You’d have to expect pretty big improvement from at least one of those to expect Houck to stay as a starter.

Garrett Mitchell – OF
6’2, 200
B/T: L/R
Draft age: 18.9
Orange Lutheran HS, CA
Commitment: UCLA

If Mitchell didn’t have Type 1 diabetes, he gets drafted in the middle of the first round at worst. A team that takes a chance on him staying on top of his condition may be greatly rewarded at the value they’re getting . Tools, tools across the board. Scouts put 70-80 grade on his speed, he’s a very good defensive centerfielder, and he has above average raw bat speed and power. Getting swing to work is biggest issue, not diabetes.

Ryan Vilade – SS/3B
6’2, 190
B/T: R/R
Draft age: 18.3
Stillwater HS, OK
Commitment: Oklahoma State

Really like his swing, or the latest iteration of it. His dad is a pro hitting coach, so Vilade has grown up around a lot of great swings. He’s still tinkering with his. Does a great job using his lower half to generate plus raw power, though bat speed is maybe just a few ticks above average. Other plus tool is his arm, which will play well at third base, where he is likely moving to.

Luis Campusano – C
6’0, 195
B/T: R/R
Draft age: 18.8
Cross Creek HS, GA
Commitment: South Carolina

The polar opposite of fellow top high school catching prospect MJ Melendez in terms of body type. Campusano has dropped bad weight and put on the good stuff over the past year, but still has a thick lower half and is brick wall-ish behind the dish. He has a plus arm with pretty regular sub-2.0 pop times. Lateral movements getting better. He has above average pop in his bat but is still searching for stroke that produces consistent contact.

Jake Eder – LHP
6’4, 210
B/T: L/L
Draft age: 18.8
Atlantic HS, FL
Commitment: Vanderbilt

Eder has faded a bit down draft boards after an inconsistent spring. He’s a big, lanky kid with lots of arms and legs in his delivery, which can become inconsistent in a number of aspects. His biggest issue to me is wandering arm slot/release point. Cross body delivery doesn’t help command either. Fastball is plenty good when his mechanics are on, touching the mid 90s. His curveball could be plus, but changeup is embryonic. Eder’s a high upside/low floor project.

Daniel Cabrera – OF
6’1, 185
B/T: L/L
Draft age: 18.9
Parkview Baptist HS, LA
Commitment: LSU

Cabrera is a hit-first prospect who unfortunately may wind up with the dreaded “tweener” label. Make no mistake, though, the hit tool is one of the best in the high school class. Has phenomenal barrel control, plate awareness, and makes consistent loud contact. Line of demarcation will be whether power tool, which is regarded as average to a bit above, plays up. Limited to LF/1B due to below average speed. His arm is average.

Cole Turney – OF
6’1, 200
B/T: L/L
Draft age: 18.4
William B. Travis HS, TX
Commitment: TCU

The flip side of Cabrera above. Turney has at least plus raw power, and is an athletic outfielder that might stick in center, and has the arm to play right. The projection of his hit tool is what holds him back. A few scouts are bullish on him, but most see Turney as contact challenged presently, with pitch recognition issues and a busy swing.

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