So what if a Brewers minor leaguer almost died and no one bothered to report it?

Earlier tonight, 20 year old Brewers minor league utility man Julio Mendez got hit in the heart by a pitch. The freaking heart.

The reporting on this so far has been scant. Maybe forgivable if the Brewers were playing on the east coast, as the Arizona game would have happened well after bedtime.

Maybe forgivable even if the Brewers were playing a home game.

The Brewers were playing the Dodgers tonight in Los Angeles.

Just southeast of there, a Brewers minor leaguer nearly died.

And so far the reporting on this has been… not robust.

I’d like to think that this is because of the time difference. But beat reporters were in the same time zone.

I’d like to think that if this had been Corey Ray or Tristen Lutz taking a fastball to the heart, something would have been said.

Yet here we are, and a nondescript Venezuelan named Julio Mendez got drilled by a pitch, nearly died, and has received no attention for it. JS Online? Nothing. Nothing. Something about Clayton Kershaw. Because he, Clayton Kershaw, is more important.

Julio Mendez is convalescing in a hospital room, but Clayton Kershaw.

Julio Mendez deserves more than that.